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Last semester I made a lot of monotypes on the subject of hyenas. Hyenas are my favorite animal, and I wanted to make a body of work on the same subject. They sold very well at the print sale, surprising to me since hyenas are not usually the most popular of animals.
This one is a ghost print which was reined partially and then collaged during printing.

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Lucky Elephant

Lucky Elephant

The annual student print sale at The Pennsylvania Academy of fine art income up on December sixth, and this is one of the little prints i will have for sale there. I have a lot of new work in different mediums which I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with, all within the category of printmaking. Some of them are nice and some of them are not, but I had a great time making them.

These embossments are for sale in a limited edition, any inquiries can be sent to mlwebbfineart@gmail.com

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It has been ages. School keeps me very very busy, and I have taken up capoeira again!

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I think today might be a double day.

Working on some wood.

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So close

I am this close to being done with all this application junk.

I had ages to do it, but my procrastinating nature won out.

It always happens at the last minute with me. Even things that happen every year.

I have never once written a Japanese essay any earlier than the night before. Four years, baby, four years.

I should probably attempt to fix that..

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Stopped by the printmaking studio for a second to do a transfer.

Basically you use a soft lead to put your design on tracing paper, then put it over the linoleum and roll it through the press.

I don’t know how it will turn out once it’s cut, but we’ll see!

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Tomika underpainting

This is an extremely bad quality phone photo of an under painting.

Going to bed now. Tomorrow I brave the cold weather and the train down into Chicago.

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One of my favorites

I’m not sure why I like this one so much.

Off to bed. Gotta catch up on all the sleep I missed writing that essay.

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Looking forward to the finish

I forgot I had an essay due in Japanese this weekend.

So I’ve been getting that done. It’s kicking my ass.

Probably I should have chosen something easier to write about than the problems with the fur industry.

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