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Experimental cast drawing

Experimental cast drawing

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Rodin’s Age of Bronze

Rodin's Age of Bronze

Painting study of rodin’s sculpture age of bronze, focusing on light and shadow.

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Oil Paint exercise, green pear on red imprimatura

Oil Paint exercise, green pear on red imprimatura

Another out of class exercise for life painting exploring the use of complimentary colors.

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Limited Palatte Painting Exercise


These last couple weeks have been busy for me, editioning prints, painting, drawing and sculpting for finals. I also caught another cold, which does not help my productivity. For cast drawing our final out of class project involves a self portrait painting using a limited palatte of earth orange, earth blue and titanium or lead white.


Painting is certainly not my strongest point, but I have a good time experimenting with it. Of special interest is application of paint, and I admit I am very fond of painting with palatte knives when allowed.


Not very far along yet, so we’ll see!

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Study of a bust of Lafayette in the PAFA cast hall. 18 x 24 white charcoal on black paper. He’s also up for sale to support my art school bills, and you can send any inquiries to mlwebbfineart@gmail.com!

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When I write a novel for nanowrimo, I like to doodle characters.

Or maybe I don’t like to so much as I just do it anyway.

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Years ago I played a bit with japanese sumi ink.

I can’t remember if I mentioned or not, my decision to attend art school in Philadelphia to study fine art.

The school there was just too good, and I had to say no to studying abroad at the schools either Paris or London 😦

I guess that’s what you get when you know exactly what you want from an art school.

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So ages ago I had a stack of old comics and magazines from a used bookstore that I bought for the purpose of collaging, just for fun. I guess I’ll be posting a couple older things over the next few days, mostly because I’m still in a rut.

I find it interesting to see when a collage becomes either something with a solid idea, very tangible, or absolutely abstract. It’s one of those things that I hate to plan. instead I like to chop up a bunch of stuff and just put it where it feels like it wants to go.

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You bet we’ve got something personal against you!

I am the first to admit I know nothing about painting.

It’s something I’m looking forward to doing more of once I go off to school.

Apparently I am running a little low on different colours of acrylic paint, but I guess that just makes it more interesting.

And no matter how my musical taste has evolved and improved, Black Flag still pushes all the right buttons.

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