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Last semester I made a lot of monotypes on the subject of hyenas. Hyenas are my favorite animal, and I wanted to make a body of work on the same subject. They sold very well at the print sale, surprising to me since hyenas are not usually the most popular of animals.
This one is a ghost print which was reined partially and then collaged during printing.

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Postcard, II

Still in a complete funk.

So, some scribbled red wolf things on a postcard.

And that postage is completely out of date.

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Tsavo lions

I like animals. I think I admire them for their sheer instinct.

They just do what they do. I am especially fond of animals who can take care of themselves.

Lions, wild dogs, hyenas, bears.

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Forgot I had this one.

Slowly but surely I am working my way out of this artists block.

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Something small

It seems that I’ve hit a rather unproductive time.

That happens occasionally.

It’s cool though, gave me some time to reread some Hemingway short stories.

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Purple and No Collar

Oh look, still more puppies.

There won’t be many more of these, unfortunately. So enjoy!

I certainly do.

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Green Girl

Puppies love to roll around on their backs.

It’s pretty funny.

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Sleeping dogs

You know, you’re supposed to let them lie.

Or you can sketch them.

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Next thing

Fingers crossed I’m going back to the US soon.

It’s hard to leave, I would have liked to have stayed a lot longer. But some stuff just has to be done.

The puppies are so much bigger than this now, over double, and their eyes are open.

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