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Blah blah, a couple words

I have some new things to post, but

As much as I’ll always be happy to come back to wherever home is, it was hard to leave.

It’s like leaving home away from home, the second family, dogs and humans alike. Especially my dog, that special dog that’s just right, even if he’s not really yours.

So I’m happy to be here, but I’m sad to be gone.

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Shocker, I’m back!

I’m thinking double post today, since I dropped off the face of the earth for so long.

But you know, serious business, this puppy stuff!

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During the wait

I haven’t drawn anything yet. Adjusting to the time change.

Hanging out with the dogs, and also, mastering the five strand braid.

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Conquest foot

So, I’ve arrived.

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Welll, tomorrow fingers crossed I put the applications through the mail/internet.

I had one of those moments where I had completely forgotten one really important thing. Good thing I remembered.

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Started on the reduction today. I didn’t realize how time intensive making¬† a print was before I started this class, but I am enjoying it.

Still, the cutting takes so long.

I do miss having time to just sit down and doodle.

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As of yet unnamed

I’m still alive,¬† but busy.

And so we get to the almost daily part of the daily sketch blog.

There might be print tomorrow, so that could be interesting.

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This little girl came from a dog fighting bust in the south.

She was driven all the way here by volunteers and is now staying with me while a rescue searches for full time foster home for her.

Her name was Crazy Mama, but we’re going to rename her, maybe something southern.

Another page of doodles for today. Tomorrow, first day of printmaking, which I am rather looking forward to.

And to end, one last photo!

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Do what you want to do, kids

Saw this when I ran upstairs to grab my mobile phone this evening.

So I snapped a quick picture.

Took some cookies to the people at the gun range today as thank you for giving me a hand disassembling my browning. I figure, it can’t hurt to be on good terms with the gun people, right? And they’ve been really nice to me.

A year ago I would never have talked about my interest in target shooting to anyone. It’s not really a socially acceptable female activity, unless it’s your boyfriend taking you out and you suck at shooting. It’s very stereotypical to be an American who enjoys firearms, and not in a good way.

But life is too short to pretend not to enjoy the things you enjoy. So I guess I will keep shooting targets, baking cookies, and making art.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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