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Years ago I played a bit with japanese sumi ink.

I can’t remember if I mentioned or not, my decision to attend art school in Philadelphia to study fine art.

The school there was just too good, and I had to say no to studying abroad at the schools either Paris or London 😦

I guess that’s what you get when you know exactly what you want from an art school.

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A second view

So I tried to do a sort of organic exciting collage of the same kitchen view using ripped and cut paper.

Double post! Woohoo!

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Tents, encampments, those sort of things

A third little paper cutting. Just for fun.

At some point, when I find more paper, I want to do some layering.

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I need an x-acto knife, you know, so I can stop using a box cutter.

The small details get a little raggedy, I think.

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Paper Cutting

I gave paper cutting a try for the first time today.

It was actually pretty zen, definitely looking forward to doing some with different paper and a little more time to plan and cut and experiment.

Was thinking about how much I like hyenas, so I cut this little guy out, although it looks more indistinguishably doggy.

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Way too much mess

So instead of doing something productive now that I’m going to be stuck in Ohio all winter, I have been hibernating in my house drawing little comics and wallowing in nerd-dom.

My desk has already started down the path of messy clutter. What you can’t see is the giant pile of pastel boxes and paints to the right.

I should have done something over the weekend.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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Once it was rugby time, now it’s getting to be snow time

I’m starting to feel like it’s this time of the year.

Snow time.

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