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Just a little experiment painting on a wood surface. I picked up a little board that had been dumped in a field by gypsies. Probably came from a house, it was a dark wood and had some kind of protective varnish on it. Brought it home in case I wanted to play around with the oils

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Limited Palatte Painting Exercise


These last couple weeks have been busy for me, editioning prints, painting, drawing and sculpting for finals. I also caught another cold, which does not help my productivity. For cast drawing our final out of class project involves a self portrait painting using a limited palatte of earth orange, earth blue and titanium or lead white.


Painting is certainly not my strongest point, but I have a good time experimenting with it. Of special interest is application of paint, and I admit I am very fond of painting with palatte knives when allowed.


Not very far along yet, so we’ll see!

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Tomika underpainting

This is an extremely bad quality phone photo of an under painting.

Going to bed now. Tomorrow I brave the cold weather and the train down into Chicago.

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Into the scary world of oil painting

Hmmm, so I think it might have been mentioned before that I am a little afraid of oils.

Mostly because it seems so malleable, if that’s the right word. You put a line in pen down, or even in pencil, and for the most part it stays there. Paint has all that smudging, smearing, mixing and rubbing out going on. Very indefinite.

But it’s also something I actually want to learn to use, so I just have to jump in. Or at least tip-toe in. I had a little time today to break out some burnt sienna and a weird opaque yellowy thing.

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