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I had in my possession a book, which happened to be a play. I didn’t want it, so I painstakingly cut out all the words and sentences and bits of sentences that resonated with the miserable state of being I’ve been in for the past couple of months.

Glued them all to a large piece of black board in a way that felt appropriate.

This was only a small chunk of it. Going longer and further than anyone might have imagined.

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So ages ago I had a stack of old comics and magazines from a used bookstore that I bought for the purpose of collaging, just for fun. I guess I’ll be posting a couple older things over the next few days, mostly because I’m still in a rut.

I find it interesting to see when a collage becomes either something with a solid idea, very tangible, or absolutely abstract. It’s one of those things that I hate to plan. instead I like to chop up a bunch of stuff and just put it where it feels like it wants to go.

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