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I had in my possession a book, which happened to be a play. I didn’t want it, so I painstakingly cut out all the words and sentences and bits of sentences that resonated with the miserable state of being I’ve been in for the past couple of months.

Glued them all to a large piece of black board in a way that felt appropriate.

This was only a small chunk of it. Going longer and further than anyone might have imagined.

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Wild paint

One of the things I kept that I did as a kid.

Not sure what it was, maybe one of those spinning paint things? or something that rolled along?

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Space Postcard III

I guess it turned into a little series of related doodles.

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Space Postcard I

The funk persists.

I just have been doodling whatever comes to mind on postcards. I have giant stash of blank postcards that have come from various places, which I frequently doodle on and send to my sister.

At some point I’d love to do something further with it, maybe make and sell my own original handmade cards or something. I love sending things through the mail.

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Take a step back

Found this while I was going through my stuff packing things up and away in preparation for moving to philly for school.

Guess the great things about the pictures you make as a kid is that you have no idea what you were thinking at that point. I can only speculate, which is probably the the value of something like this.

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Postcard, II

Still in a complete funk.

So, some scribbled red wolf things on a postcard.

And that postage is completely out of date.

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Oh look what it is,

a sketch, in pencil!

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