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Just decided to have a doodle today.

Internet here is so slow.

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Something small

It seems that I’ve hit a rather unproductive time.

That happens occasionally.

It’s cool though, gave me some time to reread some Hemingway short stories.

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Purple and No Collar

Oh look, still more puppies.

There won’t be many more of these, unfortunately. So enjoy!

I certainly do.

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You bet we’ve got something personal against you!

I am the first to admit I know nothing about painting.

It’s something I’m looking forward to doing more of once I go off to school.

Apparently I am running a little low on different colours of acrylic paint, but I guess that just makes it more interesting.

And no matter how my musical taste has evolved and improved, Black Flag still pushes all the right buttons.

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Green Girl

Puppies love to roll around on their backs.

It’s pretty funny.

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Sleeping dogs

You know, you’re supposed to let them lie.

Or you can sketch them.

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Blah blah, a couple words

I have some new things to post, but

As much as I’ll always be happy to come back to wherever home is, it was hard to leave.

It’s like leaving home away from home, the second family, dogs and humans alike. Especially my dog, that special dog that’s just right, even if he’s not really yours.

So I’m happy to be here, but I’m sad to be gone.

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Next thing

Fingers crossed I’m going back to the US soon.

It’s hard to leave, I would have liked to have stayed a lot longer. But some stuff just has to be done.

The puppies are so much bigger than this now, over double, and their eyes are open.

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Gold Girl

Gold girl, who has somewhere lost her gold ribbon, is going to be a really nice dog.

She is the only one out of the litter without a show quality ridge, since there are three crowns, but she’s probably probably one of my favourites.

It’s amazing how even at around 12 days they can already have their own personalities.

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