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Line etch

I know, my mobile camera is wildly out of date.

Oh well.

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Sea monster

I stopped coughing today long enough to doodle a bit.

I might do something like this for the next print I have to do in aquatint.

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Portrait, or self portrait?

Although it was intended as a self-portrait, I can’t really say it looks an awful lot like me.

But despite that I had a good time cutting it, and printing it by hand on lesser mulberry paper.

Actually, I’m quite pleased with it.

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Here we go again

Uggggh been sick the last few days.

Despite being sick and circumstances beyond my control, (read people having used up all the hard ground), managed to finish printing everything except the zinc plate and the dry point.

So that was cool, except for the lack of hard ground, which was not cool at all.

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Excuse my lack of updates.

I took  a whirlwind trip down to Philadelphia to check out the academy of fine art there and have taken on a double load of work in half the usual time required for my printmaking class, so that i can skip out the last couple weeks of class and still get my good grade.

Stuff resumes tomorrow, and might even stay regular this time.



I’m rather fond of this one.

I’ve had some ideas lately, especially today.

see where it takes me, I guess.

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Inking zinc

So this inking process for the zinc is interesting.

Not so much because it is extraordinary in any way, but because depending how much ink you remove from the plate before you print, the result is drastically different.

Take for example the first proof, above, which had way too much ink removed.

The second proof, which was much better than the first,  but this time too much ink left on.

And the third, which was a good place in between, although I suppose it’s a bit hard to tell in the bad lighting.

Anyway, it’s certainly an interesting process.

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Black books

I can clearly remember when I received my first little moleskine.

That was probably six or seven years ago.

Now I seem to have a plethora floating around me, some small and some larger, but the small ones are my favourite. I like to be able to throw them in a pocket, or a bag, whatever I’ve got on me at the minute.

There’s just a certain something about little black books.

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Aw man

I had such good intentions for keeping the posts regular during spring break, but you can see for yourself how that worked out.

I’m excited to clean the hard ground off my zinc plate and print it in the next few days. I’m thinking it may have too much black, but I’m excited to see it anyway.

Usually the sketches and art I post on here are done day of or very nearly. I thought hey, even after the 7 hour drive back from Chicago, I can crank something out.

But then this little baby happened.

And my plans flew out the window.

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