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Parsons a Paris

Wow guys, I just got accepted into Ecole Parsons a Paris.

I’m just… that’s cool.

Very cool.

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Really bare minimum here.

But that’s okay, just been a little busy.

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Get Inside

I don’t know what this is..

What I do know is that I had a three hour nap this afternoon, and it was awesome.

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Red Forests

When do the deciduous trees come back?

I miss you, deciduous trees.

What a great word, deciduous.

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Working on another print this time on a tiny copper plate.

Though we’ll be working from here on out with zinc plates, the professor was nice enough to give us all a tiny piece of copper so that we could have the experience of using such a nice metal.

I left my thumb in there to give an idea of size.

This is all about bros, brothers, twins, whatever, though it’s just a proof and highly unfinished on a scrap piece of paper.

I think I might do another double today, depending on what happens.

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I love mixing ink.

Love love love love it.

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The final edition

It’s not a bad alignment for the first one.

I think it turned out quite well. Edition of ten.

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Sketchbook page III

The last couple weeks have been long.

So instead of doing something this sunday, I decided to do mostly nothing.

While I lay nearly comatose on the couch and flipped on the TV, (don’t ever let anyone convince you that From Dusk Till Dawn is actually a legitimate film), I grabbed the nearest sketchpad and did a couple quick sketches.

I absolutely hated them, and swiped my hand over them in useless frustration, which may of may not have made them easier to stomach.

I guess everybody has to have that day at occasionally.

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A second view

So I tried to do a sort of organic exciting collage of the same kitchen view using ripped and cut paper.

Double post! Woohoo!

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I think today might be a double day.

Working on some wood.

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