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Lilly continued

It’s rather hard to see the quality of line.

But in person, it’s actually not looking too bad.

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Stopped by the printmaking studio for a second to do a transfer.

Basically you use a soft lead to put your design on tracing paper, then put it over the linoleum and roll it through the press.

I don’t know how it will turn out once it’s cut, but we’ll see!

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So close

Wow, I just went over the 140th post.

(oops, typo alert, only 60 away!)


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Mmmm, Fillet Mignon for dinner.

Fridge is looking pretty empty, I guess it’s time to get some groceries.

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It may not be amazing, he may have a stink eye, but I’m enjoying it.

I get an immense sense of pleasure every time I adjust the press and roll the thing through.

Not sure what that’s about.

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As of yet unnamed

I’m still alive,  but busy.

And so we get to the almost daily part of the daily sketch blog.

There might be print tomorrow, so that could be interesting.

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I want to go into the rainforest.

That’s it.

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Old man in the cafe

This guy is in my local coffee shop.

He always plays chess.

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Tracing paper

I don’t actually know what I’m planning to do with this tracing paper.

Just using it, because it was there.

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