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Inside the cafe

Saw this guy in a local cafe, and had to have a go at a quick contour.

What was nice was that he just stayed in one place for long enough to get a decent sketch.

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Space, Part 2

I never finish sketches.

When I was spending the night in Germany before my flight back to the US, I had this half an hour, where I my alarm had gone off in the early morning and I’d thrown on my clothing, made sure I had everything in my suitcase then rolled back under theĀ  blankets and turned on the TV.

It was still dark out, without any light but the TV, and they played this program on one of the stations, just long film shots of space shot from the shuttles or stations above the earth, sometimes astronauts, floating.

One of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV.

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Space. I think I mentioned before that I like it.

Blah blah blah.

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I had a really good christmas.

It seems rare now that I get to spend time with the whole family, eat good food and have a general good time.

Plus, I made marshmallows!

How cool is that?

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christmas day

christmas day.

Merry Christmas! Or happy whatever you celebrate!

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The next few days

The next few days may be sporadically updated, what with Christmas so near.

But, you never know.

Hope you guys are having great holidays!

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Quick portrait study

I’m not sure if I put this one up before.

Anyway, you know, portrait study.

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I’ve been suffering a block of monumental proportions.

I’ve been separated from my trusty book which I was sketching junk in. My own fault, but I actually really miss it. Ever since I was a kid I methodically worked my way through book after book of blank pages, until now.

I’m loathe to start another, but we’ll see once the holidays are over.

But Christmas is coming, so that is cool. Definitely one of my favorite holidays.


A little more scribbling.

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Still alive!

It’s been a little bare the last week.

I drove up to Michigan on Friday to visit my sister, resulting in our disastrous yet awesome gingerbread house.

In our inexperience we did not bake the gingerbread enough, and although it was one good looking gingerbread house, the second we tried to attach the roof it turned into the condemned house with severe water damage.

Still, we had a good time making it.

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