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Another Oldie

Another older study, one of the first couple using white conte.

I have some funny things planned for tomorrow, we’ll see.

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I’m not entirely sure if I put this up before, but I don’t really feel like checking.

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I spent today mostly catching up on my word count for NaNoWriMo, going from 35k up to 44k. So I didn’t really do anything new, which is why I posted something old.

I don’t actually have anything to do with boxing, so it’s probably not legit at all. My only experience with anything slightly related being from capoeira and watching the occasional MMA fight, but really, if I recall, i just wanted to play a little with the downward angle.

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I need an x-acto knife, you know, so I can stop using a box cutter.

The small details get a little raggedy, I think.

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Paper Cutting

I gave paper cutting a try for the first time today.

It was actually pretty zen, definitely looking forward to doing some with different paper and a little more time to plan and cut and experiment.

Was thinking about how much I like hyenas, so I cut this little guy out, although it looks more indistinguishably doggy.

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Cão de Fila de São Miguel and Cane Corso

I have to admit, I love big dogs. Especially Molosser type dogs.

I was browsing the internet today, not really for any particular reason and and thought I might do a couple quick sketches of animals. These two are probably 10, 20 seconds, from photos.

I particularly like the aesthetics of the Cão de Fila de São Miguel, although I always feel a little bad about this, because of those rounded, hyena-like ears, which are only shaped like that if they are cropped.

And cropping, that’s really not cool.

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More practice

It’s a little old. Looks a little funny in terms of proportion on here, possible because it’s in a floppy sketchbook and was a quick picture.

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I reintegrated today into the Japanese Language School of Cleveland. My vocabulary took a dive after six months of really not doing anything language related at all, but all in all it was not too bad.

Language. Language is great.

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Hand practice

Hands, the most mind-blowingly, ridiculously hard things. All those little fingers, and stuff. But then, when you’re working on something and you really get a hand right, it’s all worth it.

Don’t lie, you know I’m right.

Weeeell, just put the finishing touches on some applications. Within the week everything should be done, which I’m happy about. I should have done them earlier, but except for the actual application deadline, suddenly, I didn’t have to go anywhere.


Oh well. Current little project, sending people surprise mail.

You know, with pictures.

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