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Ah to be a bear

I think being a bear would be great.

As long asĀ  you didn’t get caught and made to dance or something. Eat salmon, and campers. Mmmm, yummy.

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I have secret plan.

But it’s a secret. So I can’t tell you.

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Packing? Oh, right..

So I sort of forgot that I have to pack my junk to go back to the US for a month. That means I have the next couple of days to figure out what to take back and what to leave here, stuff it into my suitcases and cart it to Frankfurt.

I miss my car! My lovely, big, three generations used ugly white Buick.

I have been thinking about my car and not being productive. That’s life.

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Things that go fast

I love motorcycles.

However, let me make it clear that although I enjoy riding on the backs of them, I want to be the one DRIVING them.

Vroom vroom!

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Just a bit

If you can’t figure out what is amazing about this, then I have nothing to say to you.

It was a couple minute exercise on proportion/grounding/measuring or something.


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Self Portrait!

la la la, this is a shitty self portrait from ages ago. I actually have to do another one in pencil with background and foreground in two weeks or so, because I am supposed to have one in my portfolio when I send out an application to a Parsons a Paris.

I have longer hair now, (five more inches until I can donate it, can’t wait to get rid of it!). That’s about it. Although it doesn’t probably even look like me at all.

I hate doing self portraits. Usually, an eyeball ends up somewhere weird.

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Not too much to say today.

About to get flayed at my French lesson tomorrow. Oh well.

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Today I just wanted to think out loud.

My Grandfather joined the Navy in the early 40s, when he was 19. He and his best friend volunteered to participate in the D-Day Normandy landing. They reached the beach at 7.30, his friend drowned coming off the higgins boat, weighed down by his equipment, my grandfather dumped all of his gear in the water and swam to shore, where he took what he needed from the dead men on the beach.

Having seen the vast openness of Omaha beach, the staggering number of casualties, the German guns and bunkers, I am left to wonder how he managed to stay alive. The Nomandy invasion seems to have been a plan where the only plan was to overcome by sheer numbers.

He didn’t change his clothes for 30 days. After that he went to the pacific theater. He said they used to clear caves out all day, using a flamethrower at the entrance, then throwing in a grenade and shooting anyone who came out.

He passed away before I became an adult, but my Father said after the war he never had any real friends, only acquaintances and could never plan for more than a day through the rest of his life. I always thought he was lucky, but I don’t know if I would ever want to be that lucky.

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So tomorrow I head up to Normandy for a couple days, not sure what’s going to be happening with the internet access.

We’ll see.

Since it’s a 10 hour drive I’ll post today’s thing now. It’s 12.05, so it’s cool.

Root study using stylus, ink + wash.

Sold and hanging in a multimillion dollar home!

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Good old days of portrait

Real busy what with the parents visiting.

Insert witty comment here.

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